Sunday, August 28, 2016

BHP Run 2016 - 11Km @ The Curve, Selangor

Date : 28-Aug-2016
Endomondo Running Workout: was out running 11.11 km in 1h:29m:15s using Endomondo

Most affordable run, and lot of goodies. The registration was simple, and fast at the BHP Petrol Kiosk.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Compressports100 2016 - 25Km @ Balink Pulau, Penang

Date : 20-Aug-2016
Endomondo Running Workout: was out running 28.58 km in 5h:56m:32s using Endomondo

There are 25Km and 50Km categories. Both categories started at the same time. This wasn't an easy route at all. From the starting to the Km3, it was flat. then up hill to Km6, trail run for 4Km to the first water station. Too bad I couldn't found any food, and just pick up some energy water, and continue the downhill to the air hitam dam. Uphill again when reached the Kek Lok Si Temple (极乐寺)to Km21. Then downhill all the way to the finishing line. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bare with me Run 2016 - 12Km @ Bandar Rimbayu, Selangor

Date : 10-Jul-2016
Endomondo Running Workout: was out running 11.98 km in 1h:35m:02s using Endomondo

1st barefoot run event in Malaysia, and there are 2 categories, 6Km and 12Km.
In fact the 12Km is a 2 loops of the 6Km. All runner have to be barefooted, and no slipper is allow.

KL City Day Run 2016 - 3Km @ Padang Merbok, KL

Date : 28-Feb-2016
Endomondo Running Workout: was out running 3.44 km in 32m:34s using Endomondo

First family run with wife and kids.