Wednesday, November 20, 2013

PBIM 2013 - 42.195Km @ Queensbay Mall

Date : 17-Nov-2013
Endomondo Running Workout was out running 42.195 km in 6h:39m:59s

This is my second full marathon run. It started early at 2am. Managed to complete in 6 hours 39 minutes.
1-5Km : started from the queensbay mall toward the left to bayan lepas, and U turn at 4Km back to the Penang Bridge.
6-10Km : beginning of the bridge from island, and rain started with strong wind toward the runner.
11-15Km : The Women half category started to run at 3am, and I can see the runner bypass me easily. At Km15, this is where the U turn of the Half marathoner.
16-20Km : Met my colleague runner "Salina Lily", and pace her toward the mainland Km18. There are bread at Km19, after the U turn back to island. Grab a bread, and manage to saw another colleague runner "Damien" at the opposite.
21-25Km : Managed to chase back Lily at the Km23, and walk with her for almost 1Km. Passed her a powergel, and a box of raisin for energy refilled.
26-30Km : Back to island, and met with some fast cari runners coming back at the opposite lane.
31-35Km : U turn at the end of the LCY highway, and manged to pee at the toilet.
36-40Km : Met an uncle, and walk and talk with him while on the way back to the finishing line.
41-42.195Km : the Garmin watch started to run out of battery at Km41. While crossing the finishing line, look at the TITAN clock for the event is 6hours 39minutes. So this is the Guntime, and the Nettime should be less.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2XU Compression Run 2013 - 15Km @ Padang Merbuk

Date : 03-Nov-2013 was out running 15.05 km in 2h:08m:59s using Endomondo.

This is consider another distance run for me before the PBIM. It was raining before the flag off, and there is some delayed in flag off, so everyone was wet at the starting line.

Knowing there is uphill and downhill (this is the double hill) route, and what wasn't expected was the at Km11, the uphill almost killed me.