Tuesday, November 20, 2012

APBIM 2012 - 21Km @ Penang Bridge

Completed 21.30Km in 2h:54m:18s.
Date : 18-Dec-2012

This was my second times on Penang Bridge, while last year was the 10Km run. Starting few Km are good, while the weather are hot, and I was sweat a lot during the run. Still unable to achieve the personal best for the 21Km, and hope next year on the new second bridge I will join the 42Km run instead.

Rank : 2298/5705

Monday, November 5, 2012

Powerman 2012 - 11.4Km @ Putrajaya

Completed 11.4Km at Putrajaya in 1:34.:56.

First time joining Powerman Duathlon, I'm joining the relay which Manual Chu run 11.4Km, started at 7:10am, while coming back around 8:40am, then Calvin Tan cycled 64Km, coming back around 11:15am, then I run for another 11.4Km, finished the whole race at 12:45pm.

This time I'm using the Garmin 210 to track my running, and the accuracy should be almost 99% as compare to the Android Endomondo.

The lining up on the elite run at Putrajaya, there are so many Elite Duathlon while little Relay.

The challenging was during the transition, you can't run or cycle while on transition area. There was also timing chip, and the race bib which we need to pass to the each other once we completed our course.

The learning must have a good running belt to hold bib which we can easily pass to each other.
Next year, we will plan to join the Spirit category which run for 5.5Km, cycle 32Km, and run another 5.5Km.