Sunday, January 19, 2014

OCBC 48Km Challenge 2014 - 48Km @ Dataran Merdeka

Date : 19-Jan-2014
Endomondo Cycling Workout was out cycling 46.75Km km in 2h:22m:06s

Same route as last year, while this time, the ride started at Dataran Merdeka instead of KLCC. There are A-F categories, depend on the rider pace, and I'm at the E category. Category A started at 6:30am sharp I guessed, while my category started at 7am instead.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

MPIB Run 2014 - 12Km @ Padang Merbuk

Date : 5-Jan-2104
Endomondo Running Workout was out running 12.16Km km in 1h:44m:34s

This is the FIRST run in 2014. My leg still yet to recover, and started feel something while at Km3. Started walk at Km2 ++, and manage push myself Km6. Met Mohan at Km8, and he push everyone, when heard Mohan's whistle, then push myself a little further to ensure no more whistle from him. At last he took over me at Km11, and waited everyone at 500m before finishing line.

The medal collection queue is too ridiculous long, and waited almost 15 minutes to collect my medal.

Rank :940 (Total :1132) for Category A

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Newton Challenge - 25Km @ Bandar Kinara

Date : 29-Dec-2013
Endomondo Running Workout was out running 24.62Km km in 4h:02m:47s

This is the last run of the year 2013, and my leg still in recovery mode. Run slow pace non-stop till 6Km, then walk-run till Km15 totally walk only.