Sunday, November 16, 2014

PBIM 2014 - 42.195Km @ Penang 2nd Bridge

Date : 16-November-2014
Endomondo Running Workout: was out running 42.89 km in 7h:03m:56s using Endomondo

Personal Worst timing on Full Marathon so far, in fact I crossed 42.195 below 7 hours accordingly to my Garmin, and the route seen to be over distance, and finished in slightly more than 7 hours.
A lot of people complaints about the events, anyway below are mine,
1. lack to distance markers, there are distance markers, but just not enough. some runner ask around how many more Km to go.
2. Over distance, expecting U turn while my Garmin clock 21km, but still have another 300m to go...
3. Finishing line, same finishing line for 42K, 21K, and 10K. Crowded while FM runner coming back, and those 10K runner slow walk to the finishing line.