Sunday, August 9, 2015

1000 Hearts Charity run 5Km@ mini stadium Tapah

Date : 9-Aug-2015
Endomondo Running Workout: was out running 4.87 km in 41m:20s using Endomondo

Run at my own hometown. First time having running event at my own hometown, and as a runner, must support on whatever reasons. There are 10Km and 5Km categories, and it is common for 1st time event. I run 5Km with my family, wife and kids. Will try 10Km next year if the event repeat in 2016. This is another event I run barefooted, and I did enjoyed the whole run. 

Medal awarded to only 10Km runner, and therefore I do not have medal for this run.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kampar Half Marathon 2015 - 21Km @ Kampar

Date : 2-Aug-2015
Endomondo Running Workout: was out running 19.15 km in 2h:50m:37s using Endomondo

Since, this is the first time Kampar having running event, and there are some facilities still lacking.
No mobile toilets available, and no ribbon on the U turn to ensure no one take the short cut at the middle.

The scenes are awesome toward the Tualang.

Cycling Asia Kuala Lumpur - 48Km @ Dataran Merdeka

Date : 14-Jun-2015