Monday, January 19, 2009

CNY - notes exchange experience

Chinese New Year is another week time, and every marriage couple are busying on praparing the event, buying food, drinks, mandarin oranges ... and more ...

Every year, marriage couple will give the "Ang Pau" to the youngest for the opening of the new year ...and the note inside have to be pure new note ...

Therefore everyone will be busying to exchange of the new note, and ask for Ang Pau packet from the bank.

This year, I have the bad experience and the unexpected good experience from the bank ..
BAD experience - Am Bank
- Last Friday, checked from the Internet, and found out the branch in Time Square was open on Saturday,a nd therefore I arrange myself to be there, unfortunately the counter said, "We only allow for new note exchange during weekday" - what is the problem to have this done in the Saturday ?
- Fine. Monday, I went to another branch near my work place, Sri Petaling, and ask for exchange, the branch opened at 9:30am, and I went in to ask the girl ...the girl told me ... "We do not have anymore RM 1, and RM 5, we only have RM 10", then she said again, "please come back at 10:00am", What ?? why have to be start at 10am ? So disappointed ....

GOOD experience - Public Bank
- I have no choice, and went to the Public Bank, I don't expect a good experience from this bank as "chinese" bank won't get the new notes from the Bank Negara as "bumi" bank did.
- I went into the bank, and there is a notice told you that, please go direct to counter 12 for new note exchange, that is good. Then I went to the counter 12, and there even have a form to fill in on the amount of note to change .. not bad ...something so good is.. no limit on the number of notes to change .. and did not ask for "are you our ban customer ?" no .. they dun ask at all...Waoh so good ...
- I think, since they are chinese, and they all understand how important of the CNY mean to chinese commodity ...anyway... thanks Public Bank for the arrangement and the effort ...

988 Event : Kepong Brem Mall @ 18th Jan 2009

Experience on the 988 major CNY event in Kepong Brem Mall which held on 18th Jan 2009.

Crowd started around 7:00pm, and the weather wanted to rain ...everyone was started to worry how this event could be proceed ...

Then the weather back to normal, and event proceed as schedule after 7:45pm....

We have Loke, and KK as the event hosts ..and we met these,

DJ - Luke, KK, Morna, Xin Yi, Micheal, May, Sheng, Moon, Sam

Singer - Desseri, Danny, John,

It is a wonderful night to us, and we hope 988 can keep up the good work, and will organise such event every years ....

Thansk 988 ....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nokia N79

Brought a new phone last sunday, and it is Nokia N79.

Some of the new features of this phone attract me are,

1. 5MP Carl Zeiss Optics

2. A-GPS with Nokia Map

3. FM Radio, and the FM transmitter

4. Wifi

5. bar- form factor

Later I found out there are few more surprise me,

1. Mail for Exchange

2. TV Out - have not trying this ...

3. Theme match with the cover

4. Access to the SIM contact directly, this is not possible on previous S60 symbiam phone

It cost me RM 1,330 with 4GB, and only single smart-cover.

Friday, January 9, 2009

E2 Saver, will it really save electricity ?

Yesterday went to Bangsar Villiage and brought a unit of E2 Saver as recommended by a friend. Friend told me it really can save house electicity. He is not selling it, he is using it.

Brought it for RM 359 (usual price), and the sale girl demonstrated using 9 fluorescent lights, and while without the E2 Saver it consume about 1.6 Amp, and it with E2 Saver, the power consumption is 0.5Amp. It is really big different.

You can check on the product itself through their web site which is HERE.