Monday, October 31, 2011

PJ Half Marathon - my 10Km run

10Km run is not easy for me actually, anyway I still manage to complete it with my best time ever.
Date : 30 Oct 2011
Time : 6:41am
Distance : 10.03Km
Duration : 1h:14m:09s
Average Speed : 7.24min/km
Calories : 645kcal
Rank : 309

Route started from PJ Stadium in Kelana Jaya, all the way to Wested Digital, and cross the LDP to TM, all the way to the T-junction, then U turn back to the stadium.

Met my x-college-mate, she manage to complete the 10Km in 1 hour 30min.
While another x-colleague, met him at Km 6, he over took me from there, and manage to complete the 10Km within 1 hour 7 min.