Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Powerman 2013 - Sprint, 5.5Km Run - 32Km cycle - 5.5Km Run @ Putrajaya

Date : 27-Oct-2013
Endomondo Cycling Workout was out running and cycling 44.15 km in 3:08m:07s using Endomondo

Last year powerman event participated in Men Relay, and running the 3rd leg. This year joined the SPRINT category, 5.5Km run - 32Km cycle - 5.5Km run.

First run is good, and manage to complete in 41 minutes, while cycling 32Km in 1:27hour, then last run on 52min.
last run started with very slow, and still to manage to push some mileage when some elite runner pass by.