Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dragon Back Run 2014 - 23Km @ Sek. Keb. Meru 2

Endomondo Running Workout: was out running 23.40 km in 3h:53m:47s using Endomondo.

I thought my leg had recovered, it is not. Compared it to the newton 25Km, I thought again I should doing it ok. I was wrong, and in fact I walk almost 8-9Km. My stomach already felling well the day before, and I have to put down some weight half way during the run, it was so embarrassing. Took off my shoe at Km15, and hope my leg can do better with bare foot, in fact it is. But, it does not last long, and I have to put back my shoe after barefoot for 4-5Km. At last, cheer from a frequent runner while coming down from the last hill at the junction back to the finishing line, and managed to run-walk the last 2Km.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

NM Galaxy Run Series 1 - 12Km @ Taman Titiwangsa

Endomondo Running Workout was out running 11.53Km km in 1h:37m:55s
Run after CNY, in fact did a run 1 week before in 18Km. Thinking 12Km (already expected under mileage) should be fine for me, and it is not OK at all. My knee started gave me problem after 2Km, and end up walk and run the rest of the 10Km. The good thing I'm running on the most busiest road in KL, and the view was awesome.