Thursday, September 8, 2016

Kalumpang Rainforest Jungle Run 2.0 - 18Km @ Kalumpang, Selangor

Date : 4-Sep-2016
Endomondo Running Workout: was out running 16.71 km in 3h:02m:24s using Endomondo

Driving to Kalumpang took us 1 hour, and since the flag off time was 7:00am. We have to wake up by 4am.
We gathered at the Rawang RnR around 5:15am, and reached there about 6am.

This is 2nd years of the event, and it wasn't crowded as last year.

The 1Km are flat and on road, while at the first water crossing, everyone getting slower. 
The first water station at 5Km, and that where we need to go up hill about 200m to the peak.
Downhill all the way to the second water crossing, and all the way trail run to the jungle.
After crossing multiple river, and uphill to the second water station, it was almost 11Km already.
some minor uphill, and downhill all the ways of the rubber estate to the road. and the last water station at Km14.