Sunday, August 10, 2014

NM Galaxy Series 3 - 18Km @ Bukit Jalil

Date : 10-Aug-2014
Endomondo Running Workout : was out running 18.11 km in 2h:28m:06s using Endomondo.

This is the 3rd series of NM Galaxy Road run, and the mileage is 18Km (every 3 Km increase).
No surprise on the route, some route are similar to the Brooks run, and LLG run.

Started in slow pace, and stop a while after 3Km, and then slow run till to the long uphill to the Kuchai Lama U turn. Getting even slower after around 12Km after the IMU turn. At the last water station, took a bottle of the Gatorade which I regreted I did it. Having a bottle of that drink slow down my run on the uphill the Bukit Jalil Country and Golf Resorts.